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See our NH Chronicle story which aired on May 4th 2022 Here!

Since 1953, our family-run company has been making mattresses and box springs the old-fashioned way: by hand! In our working factory in Ossipee, New Hampshire, we hand-craft and customize each mattress to meet your specific needs. We can provide you with STANDARD OR CUSTOM SIZES, including antique beds and RVs, as well as your choice of several firmnesses.

We invite you to visit our showroom at our factory and check out our displays. You can choose the mattress that best supports your weight, and gives you the most comfort. With a Sunset mattress and box spring, you'll find that "old-fashioned" means SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION and we use traditional materials and methods to make our products. Our quality workmanship has enabled us to supply our customers  with "Better Nights - Make Better Days" since 1953.

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